Monday, November 14, 2011


Several time we tried to understand ourself. Especially when we are not doing anything either at the office or at home, and we feel bored. Try to read something beneficial however it still couldn't Works. Then go back to the blog which are not updated quite some time. Typing something at there with the full hope the idea will come back then you are able to do something more valuable.

The emptiness really extortioned at these moment. I looking around hopefully there will be something that make myself busy. Did I have to count how many pages of waste paper did I used it before to fil my emptiness? Or go to every cubicles to chit chat with the friends? or sketch something eventhough I don't know what I am doing.?

In our life we have to do something. Without doing anything then we become somebody like me at these moment. Typing something, But don't know what and why. The Moral is when we are not doing anything than You will appreciated the moment that you are busy doing your works. Therefore be more creative, creativity is enjoyable.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bukan Semua orang mampu menulis

Keadaannya masih lagi tandus dan usang.
Tidak memberikan manfaat terhadap hidupan yang berhampiran.
Seumpama Parasit yang menjalar dan menumpang kasih,
Akhirnya ia memusnahkan dan membunuh hidupan yang mengkasihani nya dulu.

Perlabuhan yang sepi,
tidak lagi dikunjungi..,
Hanya sekali-kali sekadar menjenguk...
Membersihkan ape yang patut...

Bahasa, Idea, Kreativiti...
itulah yang diperlukan...,,
Jikalau tidak ianya bukan lah tulisan yang bernilai.
Memang seseorang itu cukup hebat...
apabila mampu mengeluarkan idea-idea didalam kertas-kertas...
Lantas dijadikan buku-buku..
yang menarik minat para pembaca..
yang sanggup mengeluarkan wang ringgit,
Mereka yang dahagakan ilmu,
Mereka yang dahagakan berita,
Mereka yang dahagakan Cerita.

Tetapi kebanyakkan mereka...
Mereban tak tentu hala...
Seperti diriku....
seperti juga insan-insan lain.
yang tidak mampu menulis.
Bahasa - bahasa indah yang mampu di tatap....

ianya tidak lagi bernilai...
dan jadilah dia sekadar...
Persinggahan Sementara

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just Drop By

Yesterday my superior requested me to write a few letters showing our stand regarding several issues arising. When come to write a letter than I'm stuck. Even though the idea is already there but I still have a problems for choosing the good sentence structure in order to ensure the messages that I wrote will deliver and the receiving parties fully understood. Normally my letter is very simple have just 3, 4 sentences and I am not happy with that. I am not good to elaborating the ideas.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Let me Strong

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
I'm nervous now. It coming so sudden. probably I'm doing something that beyond my normal life. Even those I'm doing for the benefit but I'm still shaking. Actually I have to learn to be more relax. Think positive. I have to clear my mind and have to my tell to myself "I'm doing for my own good. Not doing something disaster.
And at the end I'm taking the benefit and I'm not regreat."

Failure somethings I'm very afraid. I'm afraid I'm not apologising myself for that failure. However, I thing I have to remember how big mistake I'm doing, I still have to continues mylife. That must. As long I'm still breathing I have to carry on. Have to think Big. Have to share some Idea. To make it rights.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Practice (3rd Article)

Bismillahi rahman nir rahim.......

Sometimes I looking to myself, until now how much my life improvement, my self development, materially, spiritually and also English. Probably I'm far behind if I compared with all my friends. Several time I had tried improving myself but until now not much improvement. The way I talk. The way I think, it still at the same level. And I always think why? Why? Which area I have to improve? And How to make myself at the different level now? Did I work not hard enough? Or which angle that I have to focus. All inside my mind. But at end I still here. How Hard I work. How frequent I read. How much watching movies. I still here. Still walking around the bush. Did it gifted or I still not following the right way.
That dilemma that I am always facing. Probably there are too many things inside my mind which make me unable to handle all. Or to write the right words have read a lot. Or the Idea for writing only came when I really understand the whole picture of the thing I want to written. I don't know

Monday, May 3, 2010

Practice (2nd Article)

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim......

Everybody have their own speciality. Allah S.W.T had creating us with the differenties because with that differenties are making us uniques and special. Furthermore Allah S.W.T. also given us the guideline that we have to follow. People are not following that guideline that means they are loss and until certain stage they are humaliating themself and also affecting other peoples. Therefore we have to thankful for whatever we have now. Don't try to modified ourself. What we have to do, we have to look back to the guideline that have been given for finding the right path.

p/s: This article is written this reading a news about artist want to operate themself to be more beautiful. For me they are not suppose do until to that stage.

Practice (1st Article)

Bismillah hir rahman nir rahim....
The articles in the local newspapers are not interesting anymore. Not given given any positive impact in the mind and also not intrigue to read further. All negative stories such as the snag thief stories, robberies, accidents, murders and etc, are everywhere. It shown how bad of our associations nowadays.
It have been discussed numerous times on our worries of facing these circumstances. What are going to happen in the future when today our life are not safe anymore. Not like 30, 40 years ago which is more safer. The parents are not afraid to let their kid to play around even at the jungle and the river. Even though they are playing until late evening but they are still not worry about their kids.
The differenties are too wide. Look at this pattern, I believe the future are even worst. What we looking are to live happily like our childhood time. Let go back to Basic. What the function of the extraordinary development when our behaviours are fall tremendously.
p/s: I not happy the way I writting skills. Look Naive.